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intelligently monitor your home

PTZ Cameras

Take control over what you can see by using Infinity PTZ Cameras. These cameras enable you to pan and tilt so you can bring different areas of your property into view.

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Infinity IP PTZ


Why have 2 cameras when 1 will do?
The Infinity IP Panoramic camera has a much wider field of view than most cameras, enabling you to cover much more with a single camera! This means more often than not, you can use just a single camera in areas that otherwise may have needed lots! This makes for a more discreet and comfortable room and less devices plugged in!

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Infinity IP Panoramic


Discreetly monitor your home in style! The Infinity IP Static camera is a visually attractive internal camera designed to enable you to conveniently monitor your home without being an eyesore! Easily adapted to be mounted flat on a surface or upside down from a ceiling.....even next to a Baby's cot for convenient monitoring!

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Infinity IP Static


Infinity External IP Cameras offer weatherproof, wireless and hassle-free monitoring for your Garden, Driveway or Perimeters of your home. With Video Motion Detection built-in and seamless integration with the Infinity App you are instantly notified when potential incidents are about to happen.

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Infinity IP External