Smart Devices

Take control of your home
the smart way

Light bulbs | Power Sockets | Movement Sensors | Smoke Alarms

Set the mood!
adjust what colour and what time your lights are on

Traditional lights are either on or off and even dimmer switches only let you vary brightness. What if you want to control what colour your lights are or even what time your lights are on?

Infinity Smart Bulbs allow you to control exactly how and when your lights are on...either on a schedule or on demand! The life of the bulb is extended as they are only used as-and-when needed and your utility bills are less as you specify which lights are on - and when - so you only pay when you use.

Infinity Smart Bulbs
Infinity Smart Bulbs
Infinity Smart Bulbs
Infinity Smart Sockets

Instant Power!
But only when you choose

Ever wished you could have your kettle boil first thing in the morning so your coffee is already hot?

Ever wanted to make sure the kids weren't up all night playing Video Games?

Infinity Smart Sockets give you that control! By enabling you to specify when power sockets can be on, you can have your kettle boil all ready when you get up....or make sure video games finish when you say they're finished!

Infinity Smart Socket
Infinity Smart Socket

Know who's at home
even if you're not!

Infinity Smart Motion Sensors are battery operated and can be mounted in countless discreet and convenient locations. They can be configured with schedules for when to detect and when not to; and seamless integration with Infinity Smart Cameras and the Infinity Smart App eans as soon as movement is detected, you'll be the first to know!

Infinity Smart PIR
Infinity Smart PIR

Infinity Smart Sensor

Who's in my house!?
Be in the know as soon as there is a break in!

Infinity Smart Sensors can be fitted to any door or window and can communicate with Infinity Smart Cameras. Their arming times can be configured via a schedule so if you are on holiday or otherwise away from home and someone breaks in, you will be instantly notified!

Infinity Smart PIR


Every Infinity Smart Device can be configured with its own distinct schedule for when to operate...or not operate


every Infinity Smart Device can communicate with every other device meaning you can create scenarios that occur based on a single action


Infinity Smart Devices instantly notify you when something happens via notifications with the Infinity Smart app