smart home

your home. but smarter

Smart PTZ

The Infinity Smart PTZ brings together the best of surveillance and home automation into a single device. Offering HD footage with Zigbee and RF wireless protocols, your camera becomes a gateway for you to remotely monitor your home and integrate with hundreds of devices to automate and simplify your world.

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Infinity Smart PTZ

IP Cameras

Infinity Home IP Cameras conveniently operate on Wi-Fi so you can monitor your home discreetly and easily. With the Infinity mobile app you can see your home wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Infinity IP Cameras


See who is at your door....wherever you are in the world! Conveniently speak to any visitor whether you are at work or on holiday! Thanks to HD imagery, Wi-Fi and the Infinity app, the Infinity Doorbell seamlessly provides you with a convenient video answering service.

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Infinity Doorbell

Smart Devices

Infinity Smart Devices interact and connect with Infinity Smart PTZ Cameras to provide instant notifications whenever something happens in your home. Choose from our range of Intelligent Light Bulbs, Motion Sensors or even Smoke Detectors. Each device can communicate to each other and offers complete control to home owners. Take control of your home, the smart way!

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Infinity Smart Devices