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Access Control
For the modern age

Infintiy Door Controllers are part of our Access Control solution.

We believe that the latest technological components, coupled with adherence to the latest standards, should go hand-in-hand with an open mentality to truly offer customers best-of-breed solutions.

Infinity controllers are designed to be installed locally at a door, or centrally within a building. Their native TCP/IP infrastructure means they are happy to sit on the end of a network cable wherever is most convenient for a customer and their environment. The controllers can power locks, readers and provide suitable cabling for any Request-to-Exit (RTE) buttons and Breakglass Units (BGUs).

With peer-to-peer (P2P) communication support, controllers can communicate autonomously without the need for constant connectivity to a server and share data amongst a cluster in real-time. Controllers come with either a 3A or 5A PSU meaning even the most heavy duty locks and card readers can be easily powered.

Infinity door controllers come in 2 flavours; the traditional whereby the controllers sit on the network and locally cable to the doors and then are operated via a PC using the Infinity Access Software....and the modern where the controllers are web based and an operator merely needs a web browser to be able to control their system without needing to install any software on any computers. This flexibility is how Infinity can provide any solution for any customer.

Specs at a Glance

Some Key facts about the Infinity Controller Range

1-Door | 2-Door

Use it as a 1 Door or 2 Door controller

2 Dedicated Reader Inputs

2 independent reader inputs

Input | Output

Dedicated Inputs and Outputs for Fire, Intruder and more!

24/7 Monitoring

View and manager 24/7 via PC software or Browser-Based option

Networked | Online

Infinity Door Controllers are networked by design and thanks to their native TCP/IP support they can happily sit on your network. Peer-to-peer (P2P) support is fundamental to Infinity controllers, information is shared directly between controllers on the network without needing to be constantly connected to a main server, unlike others such as Paxton.

No need to ever visit the controllers locally, all setup and maintenance and updating can be handled via Infinity PC Software or Browser interface.

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Browser Interface

Web Based Interface
Manage and Monitor wherever you are

Infinity offers a browser-based variant of its door controller which does not operate - or require - PC software unlike traditional access control solutions. The ACC-100W is browser-based, meaning you do not need any PC software or databases to administer your system, once the controllers are deployed the access system is ready to go and can be monitored, managed and updated as a hot-desk environment, just by using any modern browser that works for you.

No need to fit software in around you, you can run software as a service in the same way you would check your emails. Display doors, maps, events and carry out any tasks you need to by opening a tab, a window or any view you want.

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1 Door
or 2 Door

Infinity Door Controllers have 2 independent card reader inputs meaning you can choose how you want to use your door controller - as a single door controller or a two-door controller.

Infinity ACC-100W models can operate in two distinct ways, you can choose to control either 1 door or 2 doors from a single controller. In method 1, the ACC-100W is used as a single door controller in a 'Read In/Read Out' configuration where each card reader is assigned to the same door and a person has to present their card to enter a door or to leave a door. This is common in High Security doors, Airlocks or in Turnstiles, an Infinity door controller can look after these in a scalable manner, think of it as a lineal relationship; a single controller for a single turnstile.

Infinity ACC-100W models can also operate in method 2, as a two door controller in a 'Read In/RTE Out' configuration where the controller manages two separate doors! The controller still has 2 independent card reader inputs and you (the operator) can allocate each card reader to its own door and allocate a Request-to-Exit (RTE) device to each door so that a person presents their card to enter a door and presses a release button/switch to exit. Therefore in this scenario, an Infinity controller can handle two separate doors...something others such as Paxton cannot do.

1 Door | 2 Door


Infinity door controllers are powerful enough to supply power for all your door devices. Your door controller can power 2 card readers, 2 magnetic door locks, 2 RTE buttons and 2 Breaglasses. No need for additional power supplies or to ask for power supplied at the door, your single controller and cabling can do it all.

Thanks to its expansion unit, Infinity door controllers can provide powered relays for Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, contacts for CCTV Cameras and many more....all powered under the hood!

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Expansion to talk to other people

Integration has become critical, that's why Infinity door controllers have an expansion module built in providing 1 input and 4 outputs or 14 inputs and 12 outputs (controller model depending) allowing you to interface to BMS, Fire, Intruder, CCTV or multiple other systems. It's good to talk to other people!

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Lift Control

Interfacing and controlling lifts is becoming the norm....for access control! That's why Infinity has a sister controller, the ACC-105LC, specifically designed to control and integrate with lifts and operate alongside Infinity door controllers. These lift controllers operate with card readers as normal and allow for the calling of a lift to your floor and even allows for destination control based on your user rights.

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  Door Controller ACC-100 -  Download here

  Door Controller ACC-100w -  Download here

Controller Models

Infinity Door Controllers

Infinity Door Controller Models

The below shows all of the Infinity Door Controller models and their specific specifications and features.

  ACC-100 ACC-100w ACC-105LC
Type Access Door Controller Access Door Controller Lift Controller
Card Reader Inputs 2 2 1
Number of Users 40,000 100,000 20,000
Number of Events 100,000
Reader Format Supported Wiegand; 26~40bit Wiegand; 26~40bit, RS-485 Wiegand; 26~40bit
Inputs Supported
(excluding card readers)
4 14 -
Max Distance from
Controller to Door
100m 100m Wiegand; 1200m RS-485 100m
Connection 1x RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100Mbps
Operating Conditions -40 °C ~ 70 °C -10 °C ~ 50 °C -40 °C ~ 70 °C
Power 90~230V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions 160mm x 106mm (main board; excludes PSU) 340mm x 310mm x 80mm 164mm x 106mm (board only)