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Access Control
For the modern age

Infintiy Card Readers are part of our Access Control solution.

We believe that the latest technological components, coupled with adherence to the latest standards, should go hand-in-hand with an open mentality to truly offer customers best-of-breed solutions.

Infinity card readers come in multiple flavours, including models that support legacy technology such as 125Khz Prox and more modern solutions such as MiFare 13.56Mhz inclusive of DESFire level encryption. Both the Prox and MiFare range of readers come in single-gang, mullion and weatherproof variants and can come with keypad included. All readers operate on the open Wiegand protocol and can be used with any Access Control solution, meaning Infinity offers you quality solutions without forcing you to proprietary end-to-end.

When used as part of a total Infinity end-to-end solution, you can make use of open card readers as well as cutting edge technological Door Controllers, Software and Workstations to build Security systems ranging from the very small, all the way up to Global Enterprise Multi-National scale.

When used alongside other solutions, our open mindset and expertise allows us to integrate with other solutions to provide an open experience for our customers and deliver best-of-breed technologies to meet their requirements.

Specs at a Glance

Some Key facts about the Infinity Card Readers

125Khz Prox

Support for Legacy Technologies including 125Khz Prox

MiFare 13.56Mhz

Support for MiFare and DESFire EV

Wiegand Support

Operates on Wiegand, choose 26bit or 34bit

Low Power Consumption

Low Power Requirements, as little as 50mA



  ACR-100 Card Reader -  Download here

  ACR-101 Card Reader -  Download here

  ACR-200 Card Reader -  Download here

  ACR-USB Card Reader -  Download here

Card Reader Models

Infinity Card Readers

Infinity Card Reader Models

The below shows all of the Infinity Card Readers and their specific specifications and features.

  ACR-100 (P/M) ACR-101 (P/M) ACR-200 (P/M)
Cards Supported 125Khz Prox or 13.56Mhz MiFare (firmware specific)
Credential Support Card/Fob Card/Fob Card/Fob; PIN via built-in Keypad
Operating Protocol Wiegand; 26bit or 34bit (user selectable) Wiegand; 26bit or 34bit (user selectable); RS-485 Wiegand; 26bit or 34bit (user selectable)
Transmission distance Up to 100m on Wiegand Up to 100m on Wiegand; Up to 1200m on RS-485 Up to 100m on Wiegand
Read Range 3~15cm 3~15cm 3~10cm
Read Recognition under 5ms
LED Built-in LED (Double Colour LED)
Audible Buzzer Built-in Loud Speaker
Colour Black
Reader Body Resin-reinforced PVC (complies with water and dustproofing)
When a registered card is presented to the reader, the LED can flash green for example and the built-in speaker will audibly sound
Operating Conditions -25 °C ~ 75 °C (-13 °F ~ 167 °F)
Power 9~12 VDC ± 5%
Power Consumption 50~70mA Max
Dimensions 100mm x 46mm x 20mm 103mm x 48mm x 21mm 112mm x 75mm x 21mm
Method of
via ACR-USB reader (Prox or MiFare model)
Cards Supported 125Khz Prox or 13.56Mhz MiFare (firmware specific)
Credential Support Card/Fob
Operating Protocol USB 2.0, cable supplied
Transmission distance Up to 5m on USB
Read Range 3~15cm
Read Recognition under 5ms