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Infintiy Wireless Solutions are part of our wider Access Control solution.

We believe that the latest technological components, coupled with adherence to the latest standards, should go hand-in-hand with an open mentality to truly offer customers best-of-breed solutions.

Infinity wireless locking takes away the hassle of cabling and powering devices and allows for a quick and easy installation and ongoing maintenance to provide access control wherever you like. Simply by using batteries, Infinity allows you to fashion locks and card readers together at any door without having to run metres of cable or worry about power spurs anywhere.

Infinity Wireless Locks can come as a single escutcheon of handleset, lock and reader as a single metal-finished unit or it can come with lock hidden in the door and the handle and card reader seprated as two individual units for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

With support for MiFare cards, you can be sure the solution is secure and with compatibility with a variety of front end solutions such as Opera PMS, the Infinity promise of being open with other solutions remains true.

Specs at a Glance

Some Key facts about the Infinity Wireless Locking

MiFare 13.56Mhz

Support for MiFare Card Technology

Only 4 Batteries Needed

Simple, affordable power from AA and AAA batteries

Onboard Event Log

Can store 250 individual events in onboard memory

Long runtime

Get up to 18 months life from each set of batteries



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Wireless Models

Infinity Wireless Locking

Infinity Wireless Locking Models

The below shows all of the Infinity Wireless Locks and their specific specifications and features.

  WDC-100 WDC-101 WHU-100
Functions Card Reader; Grant/Deny Access Handheld Programmer; download/upload information from the door
Cards Supported 13.56Mhz MiFare 1K -
Credential Support Card/Fob -
Read Range 0~3cm
Read Recognition under 5ms
LED Built-in LED LCD Screen
Operating Conditions -50 °C ~ 60 °C (--58 °F ~ 140 °F)
Power 4x AAA batteries 4x AA batteries 4x AAA batteries
Method of
- present WDH-100 to any door to programme card allowances; or via USB enrolment reader
Functions Supported - download events from door, programme access rights to a door, allocate/edit group rights to a door