IP Dome Cameras


4K 12MP | Motor Zoom Lens |
IR Night View | SD Card Support

Modern Security Surveillance
As it should be

IP Domes, from Infinity, are part of our IP Surveillance Solution.
We believe that the latest technological components, coupled with adherence to the latest standards, should go hand-in-hand with an open mentality to truly offer customers best-of-breed solutions.

Infinity domes offer resolutions of 2MP, 4MP, 5MP and 4K 12 MP so you are always able to see everything that matters to you! Our cameras come with Fixed Lens or Motorised Varifocal options, Infrared (IR) Night Time Viewing so your world is covered Day and Night and our cameras even support SD Cards so if your network falls over you can continue recording meaning you never lose critical recordings!

Infinity offers an end-to-end solution of Cameras, Recorders, Workstations and Software to build surveillance systems ranging from the very small, all the way up to Global Enterprise Multi-National scale. However this is just a flavour.....Infinity supports the latest open standards and technologies and our cameras are compatible with 99% of all Recording, Decoding and Front End platforms on the market!

It is our open mindset and willingness to work with anyone that sets us apart, we believe that working with our customers and not just for them allows us to offer a consultative approach and offer them the best solution that fits their need....this is why if a customer feels a different platform is the right fit for them, we make sure our cameras work with that platform so the customer gets the full beneftit of any product they choose!

Specs at a Glance

Some Key facts about the Infinity IP Dome Range

12MP | 4K Resolution

Resolutions from 2MP 1080p up to 12MP Full 4K

30m IR Night View

Benefit from crystal images at Night thanks to 30m IR

PoE Support | Max 15W

Infinity Domes support PoE and draw no more than 15W

128GB SD Card Support

You can record to an onboard mini SD Card

4K | 12MP Resolution

Built supporting the latest technologies and standards, Infinity IP Domes have a range of video resolutions. Starting at 2MP 1080p and going all the way up to 12MP Full 4K and a wide field of view, you can see everything whilst requiring fewer cameras.

Crisp, vibrant images is the core of the Infinity series and with support for 4K, you can see what is going on in detail like never before.

Full Specs
4K Resolution
Infinity App

Apple and Android App
View your system on the move

Infinity IP Domes are perfect for any type of environment; from an urban site right out to a remote premises miles from anywhere! With the Infinity App - available for iOS and Android - you can monitor your sites whilst you're on the go. Take your world with you.

Something's happened? No problem! The Infinity App supports Push Notifications so you can receive instant updates when something has happened to one of your sites.

  • Connect to any site from within the App
  • View Live Video from any camera from any of your sites
  • View Images as a Multi-Screen or single Camera View
  • View Recorded images from any Camera from any site
  • Jump forward or back on Recorded footage
  • View and Receive Alarm and Event information straight to your email
  • Save footage clips directlty to your phone to show Police

Motorised Zoom Lens
Zoom; at the touch of a button

Zoom lenses are great....until you have to go an actually zoom in! Time was, you had to get your ladded, reach up to the camera and fiddle about until you got your camera lens pointing exactly how you need it.....then do the same thing again to make sure the image is correctly focused.

Infintiy allows you to move on from these touch times....thanks to its remote motor zoome lenses! At the click of a button, you can zoom and focus your cameras without needing to be there. Hours saved on every job!

Full Specs
Motor Zoom Lens

Infrared (IR) Night Time View
Seeing is believing....Day or Night

Infinity IP Domes come with up to 30m IR LEDs that can be set to automatically activate and illuminate when light drops to a very dim level, such as at night. The cameras then switch to monochrome (black and white) viewing to provide the clearest picture, with the most detail, so you can always see what's going on.


Power Made Simple

Infinity domes support different methods of power, to make your life easier. Just like traditional cameras, they support 12V DC from a standard power supply but they also support Power-over-Ethernet. PoE allows power, video, audio and all data to be sent on a single cable to the camera. It makes installations less fiddly, more efficient and quicker as there is less to install and it makes them more cost effective as we do not need to purchase additional power supplies.

PoE has become the standard for most IP Cameras now however the amount of power these cameras require, varies significantly. It can be difficult to ensure that PoE equipment you purchase will have a sufficient power budget for your cameras. That is why Infinity cameras are made to never draw more than 15W regardless of their operation.....Day or Night, with or without IR.

Full Specs

Storage on Hand

HD images needs HD recording and thanks to modern technology and ever-decreasing costs, we can now pack more and more storage into our recorders, which is great! Until the worst happens....an issue on site means camera cannot communicate with the recorder anymore and this leaves you with downtime and no recorded images.....what a worry!

Well, worry no more! Thanks to its onboard storage, you can use 128GB TF (microSD) memory cards directly on Infinity Domes. Simply insert the card into the slot and you are good to go....you can specify in the camera the image recording settings to maximise the duraction each memory card gives you; giving you full control. So now if the worst happens, easy camera carries on recording until communications are restored...simply playback and download the footage on the Infinity VMS platform for a seamless restoration.

Full Specs
SD Card Support


Open by Design

Infinity believes in openess and collorating, it is a core ethos of ours. That is why all Infinity domes are ONVIF compliant by design and are always adherent to the latest ONVIF standards* but....what is ONVIF you might ask....

ONVIF is an independent standard, created by some of the major camera manufacturers in the industry, allowing a variety of devices such as Cameras, Recorders, Software and many more....to provide a level of open compability, to operate together and to promote openess and collaborative working so that multiple manufacturers, technologies and best of breed technologies can be chosen by customers to receive all of those benefits. By choosing Infinity, you not only get all of the benefits of our quality products, but the openess and compatibility potential with thousands of manufacturers, devices and technologies to give you the most powerful and feature-rich solutions possible.

Full Specs *Via new model releases or firmware updates
Dome Models

Infinity Dome Models

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Entry Range

The Lite range is the entry level camera range with cameras featuring Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lenses and resolutions of 2MP Full HD and 5MP 1944P.

Lite Range

The Lite range contains cameras featuring Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lenses with SD Card support and resolutions of 2MP Full HD and 5MP 1944P.

Eco Range

The Eco range is the middle camera range with cameras featuring Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lenses and resolutions of 2MP Full HD, 5MP 1944P and 8MP 4K 2160P.

PRO Range

The Pro range is the top range with technologies developed specifically for projects and customers. Cameras feature Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lenses with optical resolutions of 2MP Full HD, 5MP 1944P and 8MP 4K.