Infinity CCTV and Access Control secures Laser House

Infinity CCTV and Access Control secures Laser House

15th Jan 2021

Laser House is a multi-storey office re-development in London located near Old Street. The complete refurbishment of the premises required new modern specialist systems to be installed.

Infinity were selected to provide CCTV, Access Control, Lift Control and Intercom systems for the premises. Providing High Definition (HD) cameras to cover the entire building premieter as well as landlord areas, as well as ensuring all entrances/exits have intercom communication to reception and Building Management, the premises has eyes and ears exactly whwre it needs it.

To facilitate a secure working enrvionment, Infinity Access Control was selected to ensure staff, visitors and contractors are given access to the specific areas that they need, to ensure that tenants can only access areas within this strategy, Infinity Access Control manages the lifts so that people can only ascend/descend to floors based on their access rights,

An important consideration was to ensure systems could work across multiple platforms, this included both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. Most security vendors are built to run on either Windows or Linux, whereas Infinity can operate on any platform thanks to its open code base which can be ported across all major platforms (Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac) and its browser-based front end allowing a Windows device, Unix/Linux or even Mac OS device to access and manage Infinity systems.

As part of an ever-increasing portfolio of properties, it is more important than ever to have a robust and resilient platform for securtiy systems. This is also partly why Infinity was chosen as it can operate in the cloud, not just physically on a site. It is the only major security vendor on the market that can be deployed on-site or cloud and on any platform of a user's choosing.

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