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Q: What is the default username and password for Infinity VMS?

A: When installing the Infinity VMS solution, the installer will automatically populate a default username and password. If you do not edit this during setup, the default login details are as follows:

Username: administrator
Password: pass


Q: What is the default IP address information for Infinity CCTV Cameras?

A: Depending on what series of camera you buy, Infinity CCTV Cameras will come on either 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x ranges.

Q: What is the default username and password for Infinity CCTV Cameras?

A: The default login details are as follows:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Q: What is the east way to discover Infinity CCTV Cameras?

A: You can easily discover Infinity CCTV Cameras within minutes either by using an Infinity Network Video Recorder or a Computer. On any Infinity PoE Network Video Recorder, cameras will either be connected on a LAN to the main network port, or directly connected to a PoE port at the rear of the recorder. Entering the main menu of the recorder and scanning for cameras will discover Infinity cameras within seconds.

From a Windows PC or Laptop, using the Infinity IP Scanning software or a third party software package such as ONVIF Device Manager will discover any Infinity cameras within seconds.

Access Control

Q: What Card Technology do Infinity Controllers support?

A: Infinity Controllers support multiple formats using Wiegand, ranging from 26bits up to 66bits. Depending on if you use a Prox Reader of a MiFare derivative, Infinity Controllers will support 125Khz Prox as well as MiFare Classic and DESFire EV1. the web-based Infinity Controller range will support HID iClass (based on Wiegand 66bits) as long as a compatible iClass reader is used.

Smart Home

Q: How do I turn on an Infinity Security Camera?

A: Cameras power themselves automatically once a power supply is inserted. Using the supplied Mains power adaptor, simply plug the connector into the camera and within a few seconds the camera will start to power up....you will notice an orange/yellow light appears indicating there is power.