We know you like to have complete peace of mind on anything that you buy. That is why Infinity has launched a market-leading after-sales service to ensure your new products and systems are operating just the way you want them to. This is called the Infinity Maintenance service.

Infinity Maintenance is designed to provide you with engineering after-sales support so that your products and systems are visited and reported on annually and so that planned preventantive maintenance (PPM) works can be carried out ahead of time to reduce the chances of product failures or downtime.

Planned Preventative Maintenance


You may be wondering "what exactly is planned preventative maintenance" and also "why should I care?"

Planned Preventative Maintenance, known as PPM, is any form of maintenance on a piece of equipment, or building fabric, that's scheduled and conducted on a regular basis. With this type of scheduled maintenance, equipment inspections, testing and services are carried out regularly by specially-trained technicians.

Ok but why should you care?

Anything, especially electrical items can, and will, fail. Things will go wrong from time-to-time and in IT and Security industries this can be a disaster! PPMs reduce the chances of things going wrong and reduce the chances of having downtime. Regular visits by trained engineers allowed for products and systems to be tested and inspected before things go wrong and this means if anything needs adjusting, it can be done so before it is too late!. Not only are PPMs a fantastic way to ensure your products and systems are fault-free and operating as they should be, they can save you thousands and millions because using PPMs can prevent disasters from happening.

PPMs can be a major factor in limiting and stopping distasters from occurring and can save you thousands or millions! Why not contact us with any requirements or queries that you have.

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Engineering Services

What services do we offer?

PPMs can cover a wide range of services; these can include:
  • - checking CCTV cameras to make sure they are powered, streaming, recording, their fields of view are correct, they are in focus
  • - checking CCTV recorders to make sure they are recording, have motion detection/analytics operating, no impending hard drive failures
  • - check operation of Access Controlled doors including cards, readers, exit buttons and locks
  • - check operation of Intercom systems including entry panels, monitors
  • - check functionality and operation of Servers, PCs
  • - in essence; it is the checking/inspecting/testing and reporting of any Infinity product or piece of software

All of these services ensure that every device/product that you have is working as it should. If there are any impending problems then they are detected, reported and rectified before they have the chance to cause a major issue! Why not contact us with any requirements or queries that you have.

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Annual Visits

How often?

The regularity of a visit for any given maintenance is determined by several key factors:

  • - what product types are being maintained?
  • - how many products are being maintained?
  • - what specific environmental/market requirements for maintenance are there?

Of course the most important question is how critical is it to the customer for their devices to be checked and to be operating all of the time? If it is absolutely critical then it is much more important for many visits to be done within the space of a year; the more regular the visits then the fewer problems there will be. Typically, most customers will ask for one or two visits per year, usually with 6 months or 12 months intervals between the visits.

Why not contact us with any requirements or queries that you have.

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Maintenance Costs

Costs for maintenance are calculated for every requirement as there are a number of variables that can affect the cost.

These can include:

  • - what products are used in the system(s) that require maintenance
  • - the size of these systems / total number of devices that would require visits
  • - the nature of the maintenance that these devices require
  • - is maintenance required for one physical location or many locations
  • - environmental or time constraints for the maintenance to be conducted in
All of these questions affect the cost for any given maintenance therefore it is easier for you to contact us with any maintenance requirements or queries that you have.

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