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Infintiy Access Software is the glue that brings our devices together, whether installed on a PC or accessed directly via a browser, Infinity software gives you the power to control, monitor and manage....and forms part of our wider Access Control solution.

Infinity offers two variants in systems composition, a traditional architecture where controllers reside on a network and are controlled via software residing on a PC or server and a modern alternative where networked controllers manage and admionster an onboard database and provide software access via a web browser; no need for dedicated workstations and proprietary software!

The ACC-100 controller is a 1-door controller that resides on a network. This controller receives its information, instructions and updates from the Infinity ACS-PC software package. Once installed onto a PC or server, the core database and software allow you to setup your system, to monitor events and activity, to grant/deny access and to perform isolated or system-wide updates! You can also have dedicated client workstations each accessing permitted system functions by deploying client versions of the ACS-PC application. This is the traditional access control archtecture model and one that is proven, robust and secure.

The ACC-100W controller is a 1-door or 2-door controller that also resides on a network but it has its own database and web-server built in. Once centrally administered, each controller is managed, monitored and updated simply by using a web browser. No need for core database applications or software to be installed on dedicated workstations, you are free to hot-desk and access and control your system by using a modern browser of your choosing. For convenience, Infinity provides a micro server with a main central database application installed so that a single system-wide database for managing users and permisssions as well as simply backup can be maintained but access to the system is freely up to you....PC, MAC, Tablet, Smartphone....whatever device and browser you want to use, you can!



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Software Comparison

Infinity Access Software

Infinity Access Control Software

The below shows all the Infinity Access Software variants and their specific specifications and features.

  ACS-PC Software Browser Interface  
Type Server/Client with Database Embedded Server with Database & Client Access
Type Installed onto PC or Server Embedded into Controller (can be run centrally)
Number of Users 20,000 100,000
Number of Events Unlimited (100,000 offline events at a time)
System Capacity / No. of Doors Unlimited
Operating System Support Windows 7/8/10 -
Web Browser Support - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE 8+ and many others
Client Access
Clients Supported Unlimited
User Rights / Access Levels Up to 16 levels of user rights and access levels
Door Configuration Features Turnstile, Anti-passback, Airlock interlock, Zone Counting, Remote Door Open/Lock
Event Functions Door Forced, Door Open Time Exceeded, Lockdown, Fire, Real-time monitoring, Photo ID, Door Status