We know you like free stuff so we created this area to provide FREE downloads. You can find any user guide for any Infinity product whilst you're free; or take advantage of the third party software programs we have made available for you.

We also welcome suggestions on how to improve this area. Please get in touch if you feel we should add more items to this download area. Enjoy!

User Guides & User Manuals

Infinity NVR 3000 Series User Guide

All of the main functions of the Infinity NVR3xxx series Network Video Recorders

Infinity NVR User Guide

Infinity Software Downloads

Infinity VMS Base Installer

The core installation package for the Infinity VMS, x64 build. 30 day free trial. Use between 8am - 6pm

Infinity VMS

Third Party Apps & Programs

ONVIF Device Manager

The most comprehensive and flexible camera search & configuration tool on the market! Supports any ONVIF compatible IP Camera

**Please note this is a Windows application only. The installer is an MSI package.

ONVIF Device Manager

Find out more about ONVIF Device Manager and how to make the most from it from its wiki page.


Android Filer Transfer

If using an Apple Mac computer with Mac OS or OS X; you will probably know there is no support for Android devices here. To use Infinity devices, such as your Tab 10, with a Mac, why not use the free Android File Transfer app!?

**Please note this is a Mac application only. The installer is an DMG and does not work on Windows or Linux.

Android File Transfer

Find out more about how to use Android File Transfer straight from Android themselves!


Sync iOS

There is an Android iTunes equivalent allowing Android users to backup, manage and transfer/restore their Android phones and tablets! It is called Sync iOS! You can migrate from Apple devices seamlessly and graphically to Android devices, backup your Android device, restore from an old device or simply manage apps and music! There are several FREE features and some you have to pay for but it offers a feature-rich, simple-to-use graphical interface to finally rival iTunes.

**Windows Installer.

Sync iOS for Windows

**Mac OS Installer.

Sync iOS for Mac

Find out more about how to use Sync iOS below.