Intercom Door Stations

Infintiy has Door Stations complete with HD Camera, Microphone and Speaker to offer crisp two-way audio and visual communication between a visitor and concierge or reception or apartment. High resolution LCD screen with numeric buttons and MiFare card reader provides complete access control, visitor management and intercom functionality in a single unit.

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Infinity Door Stations

Intercom Video Monitors

For use at a reception, concierge or within an apartment; the Infinity Door Monitors offers video and audio for two-way communication with Infinity Door Stations and with support for ONVIF video, users can be allowed to view CCTV cameras directly.

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Infinity Door Monitor

Intercom Audio Handsets

For use within an apartment; the Infinity Handset is minimalist in size but offers quality audio for two-way communication with Infinity Door Stations.

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Infinity Door Handset

Concierge & Guard Station

Simple and powerful operation and control of of an Infinity Intercom system; the Infintiy Guard Station features LCD monitor and handset in a single package. Powered by Android, a guard or concierge can route communications from door stations to handsets and vice versa.

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Infinity Guard Station