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4K Recording and Video Output
Motion Detection | Alarm I/O

Modern Security Surveillance
As it should be

IP Recorders, from Infinity, are part of our IP Surveillance Solution.

We believe that the latest technological components, coupled with adherence to the latest standards, should go hand-in-hand with an open mentality to truly offer customers best-of-breed solutions.

Infinity Network Recorders support IP Cameras at up to 12MP Full 4K Resolution, ensuring you can record the crispest and highest quality footage available in the world today! Support for all Infinity Cameras and thousands of third party cameras means you can choose best-of-breed technologies and products to create the best solutions to meet your needs. With Free PC software and a mobile app, you can control, monitor and manage your system wherever you are!

Infinity offers an end-to-end solution of Cameras, Recorders, Workstations and Software to build surveillance systems ranging from the very small, all the way up to Global Enterprise Multi-National scale. However this is just a flavour.....Infinity supports the latest open standards and technologies and our cameras are compatible with 99% of all Recording, Decoding and Front End platforms on the market!

It is our open mindset and willingness to work with anyone that sets us apart, we believe that working with our customers and not just for them allows us to offer a consultative approach and offer them the best solution that fits their need....this is why if a customer feels a different platform is the right fit for them, we make sure our cameras work with that platform so the customer gets the full beneftit of any product they choose!

Specs at a Glance

Some Key facts about the Infinity NVR Range

12MP | 4K Resolution

Supporting Cameras up to 12MP Full 4K

4K Video Output

See your 4K Images via 4K HDMI Video Output

32x PoE Ports

Power and Data for your cameras thanks to up to 32x onboard PoE ports

Record Large or Small scale

Varying capacities from 4 channels up to 64 channels

4K | 12MP Resolution

Built supporting the latest technologies and standards, Infinity NVRs support multiple camera resolutions, from 640x580 VGA..... all the way up to 12MP Full 4K and benefit from being able to view live images and recordings from the click of a button.

With support for 4K, you can see what is going on in detail like never before.

Full Specs
4K Resolution
Infinity App

Apple and Android App
View your system on the move

Infinity NVRs come in various sizes so they are perfect for any type of environment; from an urban site right out to a remote premises miles from anywhere! With the Infinity App - available for iOS and Android - you can monitor your sites whilst you're on the go. Take your world with you.

Something's happened? No problem! The Infinity App supports Push Notifications so you can receive instant updates when something has happened to one of your sites.

  • Connect to any site from within the App
  • View Live Video from any camera from any of your sites
  • View Images as a Multi-Screen or single Camera View
  • View Recorded images from any Camera from any site
  • Jump forward or back on Recorded footage
  • View and Receive Alarm and Event information straight to your email
  • Save footage clips directlty to your phone to show Police

Detect Motion

Infinity NVRs have built-in Video Motion Detectors enabling you to only record when something happens in a scene. The setting is configurable so that only certain sections of a camera view are active and the sensitivity or target object sizes can be varied to provide a highly accurate detection mechanism for your system.

Each event is stored as its own incident and can be searched and played back individually, providing a much faster and simpler way for you to see exactly what is happening on your siste.

Full Specs
Motion Detection

See your images
in glorious 4K

We aren't satisfied with just supporting 4K cameras, we want our customers to be able to truly see and experience these fantastic images. That's why Infinity NVRs have Full 4K HDMI video outputs. When used with a 4K monitor, you can see the true detail and quality of any of your CCTV images.

4K Output

Be in the Know

Infinity Network Recorders support email servers and, when connected to the internet, can be configured to send email notifications when events and/or incidents occur. You can receive emails with timestamps, clear subject lines informing you of a detection and even a photo snapshot showing you exactly what has been detected.

With Infinity you truly are in-the-know and in control. With our real-time notifications you are always informed of everything exactly when it happens.

Full Specs

Storage on Hand

4K images needs 4K recording capacities but luckily, we pack a punch whe it comes to storage in our recorders!
Featuring up to 8 SATA bays, you can have up to ample onboard storage at your disposal.

Not enough? With an additional eSATA port as a bonus, you can connect to any third party eSATA compatible storage array and have hundreds of additional Terabytes to meet all of your storage needs!

Full Specs


Open by Design

Infinity believes in openess and collorating, it is a core ethos of ours. That is why all Infinity NVRs are ONVIF compliant by design, support thousands of third party cameras and are always adherent to the latest ONVIF standards* but....what is ONVIF you might ask....

ONVIF is an independent standard, created by some of the major camera manufacturers in the industry, allowing a variety of devices such as Cameras, Recorders, Software and many provide a level of open compability, to operate together and to promote openess and collaborative working so that multiple manufacturers, technologies and best of breed technologies can be chosen by customers to receive all of those benefits. By choosing Infinity, you not only get all of the benefits of our quality products, but the openess and compatibility potential with thousands of manufacturers, devices and technologies to give you the most powerful and feature-rich solutions possible.

Full Specs *Via new model releases or firmware updates
NVR Models

Infinity NVR Models

Entry Range

Infinity Entry range Network Video Recorders feature 9, 16 and 32 channel recorders, with onboard PoE support for cameras, image resolutions of up to 5MP and Full HD and 4K HDMI video output for displaying on monitors of any size.

Eco Range

Infinity Eco range Network Video Recorders feature 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel recorders, with onboard PoE support for cameras, image resolutions of up to 8MP 4K 2160P, HDMI video outputs and multiple Video Analytics.

PRO Range

Infinity Pro range Network Video Recorders come in 8 and 32 channel capacities, with onboard PoE support for cameras, image resolutions of up to 12MP 4K, HDMI video outputs and multiple Video Analytics, ANPR, Time & Attendance and Facial Recognition.