FLUOR Case Study


FLUOR, United Kingdom

More than just CCTV -
a critical business tool

As a world-leading Engineering and Project Management company with assets valuing billions of $USD, FLUOR's UK HQ is a large campus, encompassing a lot of square feet and a large head-count to look after.

So, with their existing CCTV system now years out of date, with an ever-increasing number of workers on site and with futureproofing and scalable Return of Investment (ROI) critical factors in their decision-making, the question facing FLUOR was how could they seamlessly upgrade their on-site system with minimal disruption, maximum featuresets and ensuring futureproofing and ROI was achieved? Step forward Infinity.




27 Jan 2017
The Infinity solution is so much more than just CCTV. It is a critical business tool to rely on.

Neil Sherwood - Facilities Manager, FLUOR

FLUOR has occupied its UK offices for 10 years, meaning their existing surveillance system had fallen behind the times in terms of resolution and features; and coupled with ongoing reliability issues, the time had come for FLUOR to embark on a wholesale upgrade programme.

Utilising Infinity camera technology to provide higher resolutions and wider fields of view has enhanced their perimeter surveillance, however by replacing their Network Video Recorder (NVR) back end - for an Infinity software solution - has equipped FLUOR with far more than just a state-of-the-art surveillance platform.

Neil Sherwood, Head of Facilities at FLUOR, explains how his onsite Security Team are enhanced by using the Infinity Solution.

" The Infinity solution has totally changed our way of working, we are more efficient, streamlined, proactive and reactive and far more ready to respond to any situation when it arises. First and foremmost, the Video Front end is far easier to use. We can create a custom Control and Viewing experience for any portion of the site through dynamic layouts - and each operator can quickly and easily setup their desk to best suit their way of using the system. There is no limit to the number of devices, views or monitors that the system supports, meaning we can have an ever-increasing set of eyes across our premises to ensure maximum safety for our staff. Due to the system supporting an infinite-sized way to survey our premises, we can keep an eye on more of our site at any given time meaning we can react far quicker; simultaneously as we are surveying more of our premises we are able to ensure adequate patrol coverage and other proactive steps to deal with a threat before it happens. As the system can facilitate an operator to create an environment to best support their way of using the sytem, each operator can use the system in the fastest ways again ensuring the quickest response for any situation "

Providing a more functional, modern and easier-to-use solution, has enabled the FLUOR Security staff to see more, retrive footage far more easily and quickly and work in a more efficient manner. However, this is just once facet of improvement Infinity has brought to FLUOR, as Neil continues..

" In addition to enhancing our surveillance capabilities, Infinity has helped us to better manage our processes, give is invaluable information and best protect our staff on site. Being a site with close to 3,000 people present at any given time, a large number of incidents, threats and issues are experienced daily. Our old systems were all manual, which had lead to data loss, inaccuracy of information retention and even human error resulting in data loss. Infinity has helped us to plug these gaps thanks to its Analytics and Indicent Reporting Features "

Adding to a strong core of Video Surveillance, the Ininity Video Management System (VMS) included Video Analytics within its package. These analytics allowed for the creation of various rules, in real-time on camera footage, so that if certain instances were to occur, the staff would be immediately notified and the incident would be flagged within the recorded footage archive. Any camera in the system can have any combination of analytics to create an intelligent and accurate detection system. Analytics provided within the Infinity VMS package include:

  • Virtual Perimeter Detection
  • People Counting
  • Flow Control
  • Loitering
  • Object Removed (Theft)
  • Object Abandoned (Suspicious explosive)
  • Tripwires
  • License Plate Recognition

Whilst providing a system with an array of detectors is an important element for an accurate system, the recording of these instances is equally key. This is why the Infinity VMS came with its own inherent Incident Reporting tool. As Neil explains...

" The Indicent Reporting tool allows us to create bespoke forms containing whatever critical information is required in order for us to document and report incidents as they occur. We can record specifics about who created and reported the incident, its content and scope and even if we need to involve Law Enforcement. The Incidents are securely stored digitally meaning we have an archive we can cosntantly refer to and access, we can print the reports and see key information such as graphs and charts showing if an increase or decrease in a particular threat or incident has been seen in a given time period - this is key as we can audit the quantity and regularity of incident types and the quality of their reporting into management; however we can also see if any of out practices and protocols have an effect on reducing incidents and threats. Infinity provides all of this in a single, centralised solution. The reports can be exported into Excel or PDF formats meaning they can be integrated with other reporting solutions within the business. Infinity has become so much more than just CCTV, it truly is a critical business tool that we can rely on "

By enhancing the surveillance capacbilities, adding state-of-the-art detectors and providing a comprehensive method of reporting, Infinity has revolutionised the way FLUOR can survey and react threats and incidents on site. Staff have never been safe thanks to the Infintiy VMS deployment.