Holiday Inn Case Study

Holiday Inn - Trafford

Holiday Inn, Trafford - Manchester, UK

Bringing together best-of breed CCTV -
seamlessly with ANPR

A flagship hotel brand needs a Security system to match its reputation. This is exactly why Holiday Inn chose Infinity. They wanted cameras to provide cutting-edge surveillance to ensure their guests were protected, Infinity was able to bring this all together into a single, central platform.

The hotel had made the decision to use cameras from a range of manufacturers - including Infinity. Infinity provided all of the internal surveillance in the form of Mini Domes, as well as the external surveillance with Varifocal Bullets and Domes. These were complimented with external HikVision PTZ cameras to survey the car parks and internal 360° cameras from Axis to cover circulation spaces such as foyers.


26 May 2017

Bringing together multiple camera brands into a central solution was one made requirement of the system, but also offering an integrated ANPR solution for the Car Park was also key.

Use of the car park had been abused and the traditional ticket machine system can be circumnavigated and ticket machines themselves are prone to unreliability. Therefore an automatic system that could operate 24/7 and integrate with the main Security system was especially attractive.

Using Infinity cameras to detect and record license plates and cross-referencing the plate against guest records, enabled the hotel to grant (or deny) access to its car parks instantly with 100% accuracy, day or night. Any guest pre-registering for the car park would provide a registration plate, if detected the car park would grant access to the vehicle and the guest would have parking charged to their stay. Any guest who did not provide a registration plate or came by taxi, would only have access to the taxi drop-off area and potentially have to manually provide their registration plate upon check-in.

Seamlessly provided this feature gave far more value to the Security system as a whole as enhanced surveillance and audit trails of the car park were now in a single system. It also cut manpower down disgificantly as the system had a 100% accuracy of detection and required no extra staff to issue tickets, collect payment or to refill any printing paper to any machines.

The value of bringing multiple systems and technologies under a single roof has ensured maximum value is provided to the hotel. They are able to scale back resources from non-critical applications and focus on ensuring they offer optimal services to their guests; this saves wages and other associated costs. Infinity also demonstrates flexibility by supporting other cameras giving the hotel freedom to choice cameras they feel are best suited to their needs.