Ofcom Case Study


Ofcom - London and Baldock

Multi-site surveillance -
seamlessly integrating with IT

As a Government watchog for all communications - including managing auctions for all wireless transmission frequencies - it can get a little hectic at Ofcom. Ensuring areas are only accessed by those allowed to do so, is key.

Even more problematic is the enterprise-level IT processes and procedures that govern who, what, when and how can do anything within Ofcom's realm. This is why they chose Infinity; a solution that increases their featureset, provides futureproof technology support, can be expanded exponentially, integrates with their Access Control solution and most importantly, seamlessly operates with their rigid IT.




31 Mar 2017
Infinity is so easy to use and has added so much functionality. Access Control integration is a big plus however we love is how easy it operates within our IT space.

Kathryn Seaton - Senior Facilities Manager, Ofcom

Ofcom has histrocially used a variety of camera technologies thus a key component for their solution selection was one that could centrally bring together the features that multiple technologies have. Equally, they have sites in both London and in Baldock, Hertfordshire so they required a multi-site deployment with the ability to View and Control from their London Head Office.

  • Dedicated, separated Server and Client (must not be on the same machine)
  • Encrypted Communication between Server and Client
  • Encrypted Storage of Video Footage and System Data
  • Multiple passwords of varying strengths
  • Multi-site system support
  • A variety of IT standards (IEEE, Database, Encryption)
  • Operation and Control without local peripherals being present
  • Multi-monitor and multi-device support without physical presence

" Infinity offered everything that we needed and did so right out of the box. The interface is modern, clean and so simply to use. We are able to take control of our Security in a way we have never have before. Being able to change how the system looks depending on the specific operator logging in is very important as it reduces our learning curve and enables everyone to operate the system as per their preferences, which speeds up whatever operation they are doing " - Kathryn Seaton - Senior Facilities Manager, Ofcom

Not content to merely comply with the requirements, Infinity was able to seamlessly integrate with their Access Control (Paxton) thus providing a full record of any access (or attempted access) at any room at any time. The system was also configured so that a live stream was brought up if the Access Control denied access anywhere, thus allowing Ofcom to monitor potential staff abuse of their access rights. Any incident was marked in the CCTV recording archive, thus further enabling the Ofcom staff to find the footage they needed instantly.

Although integrating with Access Control brought some much-valued features and far more control over Security as a whole, the biggest challenge was operating within a strict and restrictive IT realm where the use of non-approved hardware was impossible.

Rigourous testing of the hardware (Servers, Workstations) was conducted before deployment to ensure the Infinity solution, as a whole, achieved full approval. Despite some unusual requests - such as full control of a workstation without any peripherals directly connected - were thrown up, these were fully achieved.

The Baldock site proved even more challenging. The internal rooms that would have surveillance and would house the control equipment, were to be unmanned meaning control and operation would be totally remote. Fortunately, thanks to its built-in VideoWall capability, Infinity VMS was able to provide complete control and viewing without requiring physical presence in the rooms of surveillance.

Infinity has shown its ability to piece together systems across multiple sites, to operate on IT backbones with very strict policies and to integrate with other systems and technologies to bring more power and value to its users. All of this was achieved at a more competitive price and far quicker turnaround than any other competitor was able to offer.