Infinity protects Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club

Infinity protects Arsenal FC

20th June 2019

Infinity CCTV and Video Management, supported by Axxonsoft, has been selected by Arsenal Football Club as the nucleus of their Security systems upgrade at their Emirates Stadium home. Natively, and fully, supporting existing technologies at the stadium including Axis video encoders and HikVision IP Cameras and Network Video Recorders, Infinity VMS offers a powerful, futureproof solution which is much more open and flexible than the competition and most importantly, provides a seamless transition from their legacy platforms.

The Infinity Video Management system (VMS) has been deployed to centrally manage CCTV cameras for the site, which are manufactured from a variety of brands including Axis, HikVision and Dallmeier. Bringing these different cameras and their features into a central solution that can offer centralised Video Analytics, multi-machine VideoWall with Remote Conterol as well as integration possibilities for Access Control, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Access Control and Fire Alarms brings a truly integrated platform that sets the banchmark for stadiums worldwide.

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