Infinity CCTV chosen by Brent Council

Infinity CCTV chosen by Brent Council

22nd May 2020

Brent is one of the largest boroughs in London with famous areas such as Wembley (home of the national football stadium) within its boundaries and jurisidiction. Spanning an area of such size requires a large number of buildings covering Residential, Healthcare, Amenities, Communities (Libraries), Education and Sports & Leisure. Brent council has a huge portfolio of buildings that they have to manage.

With such a large footprint, it can be difficult to control a large array of systems. This is why standardising on specific systems (where possible) makes sense as you can control systems far easier and more cost effectively.

Infinity has been chosen to provide surveillance across the Brent council estate allowing for camera-by-camera replacements, recorder upgrades or even full-scale system replacements and to be one of the core suppliers for new-builds in the area.

Brent Council