Infinity Thermal protects Paper Mill

Infinity Thermal protects Lisbon Paper Mill

10th October 2018

Infinity Thermal has provided a complete solution to help workers, machines, operatives and the enrvironment of the Lisbon Paper Mill. Due to the fact the mill uses woods as raw materials, combined with the industrious machines involved and the high temperatures in the process of operation, this leads to very significant risks of fire. Thanks to Infinity and its consultative approach, the client was able to identify categories of risk: Assets (inclusive of machines, tools), Employees (Operatives of machines, workers in general) and the Environment (buildings, other assets on site) and thus was able to device a wish-list of protection for each category.

Infinity deployed its thermal range of cameras to help satisfy the wish-list for each category. Each thermal camera is able to survey given areas and detect flame and heat as standard; thus every category has fire protection. In addition, Infinity cameras support Video Analytics and are able to alert operators if objects (assets) are abandoned or if the heat in a given area is excessive - which may indicate a fire threat somewhere on site! Finally, the cameras can detect if humans are in the vicinity of any dangerous heat levels or fire outbreak, thus automatically the system can enter alarm mode and a full evacuation can commence to ensure everyone is safe should fire occur.

Lisbon Paper Mill